FSoL: That’s how we celebrate jobs!

So I graduated this year. Back in June I think, or that’s what the certificates will mention.

There is this tendency though of people getting kicked in their butts once they get placed, or on their birthdays, or because it rains, or sometimes without no reason. All that is needed really is four people willing to pick up the person, and hold him in mid-air, while simultaneously kicking the said person’s butt. Quite an art!

The tradition/event is usually acronymed as GPL, which stands for in Hindi Gaand pe laat, which translates roughly to boot on butt, it certainly does have a ring to it, don’t it?

Most of the events end just with a person(s) with a sore butt(s), but sometimes like it happened with me, they end up with a great story to tell. A story title, ‘How I ended up in the hospital a day before my exam, on my birthday’. That has a ring to it too!


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