Children, and truth

Children, and truth

It was all fairly routine.

I mean she, or rather they would say something on the lines of: “You won’t get milk, if you don’t eat dinner”, or in the rather more outrageous cases: “I’ll break your legs if you don’t behave”

Now, I don’t have any issue with the outrageous cases, because, hey they are so outrageous that even kids, get, that it’s but a joke. It’s the first case, the routine case which I have an issue with. Because, the kids, can’t really differentiate in these cases. Or so is my view.

See; kids, when they come in this universe are like a blank slate. They are the universe, to begin with. But then, things change. They interact with the environment. They see. They absorb. And they learn.

It might seem fairly unimportant.

I mean it isĀ to begin with. But then, when the thing is repeated; again, and again, and again; it becomes a routine. And then the kids see, absorb, and learn…

Then, finally, it becomes an issue. Or so I feel.

The issue is this.

The kids stop paying heed to your words.

It does not matter what you say, because, hey, they’ll just cry, or shout, or both, create a ruccus; and you will give in. It’s the truth. It’s how things work. At least in their universes.

And then, you complain.

The kids don’t listen!


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