Birth, death and everything in between


Birth, and death,
Death, and birth,
Are either two ends of a line,
Or, two points in a never-ending circle.
Now way to know, to be sure.
After all none have come back,
From the great end.

What lies in between,
Is the great green expanse. Life.
The one thing, the only thing,
We can be, and are, sure of.
The great green expanse called life.
What we do here, the people we meet,
The experiences we have,
Are the only things that matter. No?

And yet, we worry about death.
I do. It’s weird. Baffling.
We worry so much,
That we stop caring about life.
You know, the great green expanse?
The one thing we are sure of..

And then there’s you.
The lotus, the rose of my life.
The thing that I don’t want to leave,
The reason I’m afraid of death.
You. With all the colours, and scents.
You, who make it all worthwhile.
The struggles. The battles.
The ghosts in my head.
You. Are it all. My love.
You. Are. It. All.


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