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Are you tired of everything?


Life’s hard.

It’s one of the greatest truths of life.

Life, is tiring.

That, sort of, derives from the first statement. I mean you are tired when you hike up a mountain, don’t you? You are tired, all the while you are climbing. You might decide to take rest a couple of times, or more, but the tiredness, it remains, all the while. Happiness, is when you get to the peak, and the cold gusts of air wash all over you. When you can look around, and down, and look at the progress you’ve managed to make.

There is a problem with that analogy. Can you spot it? Did you spot it?

The problem is with the thing that I called happiness. It does not quite fit in with the rest of it. We’d be crazy to be in pursuit of moments sprinkled at random, at nobody’s discretion in particular. We’d be crazy!

It would make far more sense, if, for instance, there were a couple, or more people doing the trekking alongside you. And the places you went, the barren huts, the angry bulls, the mini-summits, were all shared, with these people. And you had fun! You laughed, while climbing up. Sure, when you reached the peak, you’d still be in awe of the view from the top, the things you managed to accomplish, but happiness would not be isolated to just these few moments. It would encompass all. It would be spread throughout the journey.

That, is an eloquent analogy.

Now then.

One way to counter the tiredness then, would be through this route. The happy route. Where the journey does not seem tiring. After all, we all have our truths. There is nothing absolute. All that is, are interpretations.

But sure enough, that should not be the only way to go through life?

It escapes me.

I mean sure enough, you could be driven solely by the achievement, the desire to be at the top, that you ignore the bloodied feet. But living with blunted senses, does not seem like a great use of the time that we have here.

This is our time, when we are aware of the I.

Maybe I am missing something. As I said, it escapes me. The one way, and perhaps the only way to tackle the tiredness is if you did not feel it. There are multiple roads that you can take to get there.

I vote for the happy route!

What do you root for?