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The Amazon Experience : A tale of disenchantment and caution

It was after seeing this article, and a spate of other glowing anecdotes on Quora, I had shot off an email to the CEO of Amazon. The Amazon customer care had already failed me.


leave. jump. fly.

Things that I think about

The future of humanity, our survival, our journey out into the stars is one. Writing, telling stories is the second. And opening up a school, changing how we teach, what we teach, is the third one.

Why I feel like an impostor at times

The day I first paid those eighteen or so dollars for the domain, the day I decided I was going to be a writer, I stopped being funny! Stuff got real! Everything became a step in that direction, a stepping stone towards greatness!

Have you found your soulmate?

The implication is incorrect. Finding a soulmate just means that you got really lucky.

Fiction takes time

Fiction takes time.

Birth, death and everything in between

What lies in between,
Is the great green expanse. Life.
The one thing, the only thing,
We can be, and are, sure of.

They killed some more men today

They killed some more men today,
At a place where men kneel,
To gods, looking down at men.

Where we love

The present is where we live, you and I.
And dream, and hope, and love.