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How I felt when my Jawbone broke

I mean sure I feel duped. I invested seven thousand rupees in this thing! But as I said, I am not too sad about it. Mistakes are fine. They teach lessons. This one told me to not buy, or recommend a Jawbone product to anybody in the future.

Washed lands

Washed lands. Moist soil.
Gray skies. Cold wind.

Let’s talk!

We share our lives with people, our friends, families, co-workers. And, when you think about it, the times that we spend in the little chit-chats, the how are you doings, is really time that could be spend in a better manner.

Thoughts on self-hosting

I realized there was a bunch of stuff that I could not do. In addition to it, I did not really own my stuff. All of that led me to even more stuff, more blogs, more sites, and everybody suggesting the same thing.
Self-hosting is better.

Post a day!

At the beginning of the month, I promised to both myself, and one other person, that every single day, I will write a poem, and send it to her.

Are you tired of everything?

Life’s hard.
It’s one of the greatest truths of life.
Life, is tiring.

Are you afraid of dying?

It’s funny, how we manage to narrow our vision, to planning the next day, and not see our lives for what they are. The people who live in our lives. The journey. The moments, the experiences.

Why standing still is scary

Standing still.

Two syllables that haunt my generation. The feeling that we have somehow been cheated. That we have so less time, to achieve so much. That we can not walk, just walk, and not be in transition. From point ‘A’ to ‘B’.

How it feels to finally finish that first draft

The week that went by, was pure joy for me, or rather, more precisely the weekend. That was when, after all, I finally managed to finish the first draft of the little something I had been working on since the past couple of years at least.

Some numbers

In life, I think it’s important to celebrate both the good, and the bad. These are the good numbers.