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What is a blog?

This is a place about ideas. This is a place for conversations around those ideas. This is also a place where I occasionally post pictures of my stuff. As I said before, nothing is black and white in this world, but in shades.

A day of firsts

It was sometime during the training period that I had decided to get a bike.

Here’s how I plan to beat my laziness

I was being lazy.

Life, Death & Priorities

The incident, did something to me, reminded me how short life is, and how seemingly pointless! Accidents happen, and well, most come with no warnings. An instant is all it takes.


You ask me not to imagine,
You ask me not to build,
Castles of glass, and sand.

Why places matter in a story

A month or so after I had finished the draft, I began reading it, noting the good, the bad, the things that needed to be changed.

Sometimes, I wish

Sometimes, I wish I were a painter,
And not a poet.

Why build walls?

We build walls.
Bricks. Cement. Slug.
We build walls,
Strong, high, menacing

How I felt when my Jawbone broke

I mean sure I feel duped. I invested seven thousand rupees in this thing! But as I said, I am not too sad about it. Mistakes are fine. They teach lessons. This one told me to not buy, or recommend a Jawbone product to anybody in the future.

Washed lands

Washed lands. Moist soil.
Gray skies. Cold wind.