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leave. jump. fly.

Birth, death and everything in between

What lies in between,
Is the great green expanse. Life.
The one thing, the only thing,
We can be, and are, sure of.

They killed some more men today

They killed some more men today,
At a place where men kneel,
To gods, looking down at men.

Where we love

The present is where we live, you and I.
And dream, and hope, and love.


You ask me not to imagine,
You ask me not to build,
Castles of glass, and sand.

Sometimes, I wish

Sometimes, I wish I were a painter,
And not a poet.

Why build walls?

We build walls.
Bricks. Cement. Slug.
We build walls,
Strong, high, menacing

Washed lands

Washed lands. Moist soil.
Gray skies. Cold wind.

Who am I to you?

We happened. You and I.
As stars did. As skies do.
As does the rain,
The sun, the moon.
We simply happened.
You and I. We happened.