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I hold you

I hold you, close to me.
I am on fire, so are you.

It’s funny!

It’s funny how short life is,

And still, despite the fact,

We act as infinite.

Everything withers away

I envied something yesterday,
Today, when I walked past it,
I saw the cracks appear in it,
Almost out of nowhere!

My muse

I’ve had muses.. now and before.
I’ve had muses.

The second one

Come with me, you had said.

Come. Love. Live.

Do you remember?

Do you remember the plains my love? Do you remember the rains my love? You are amongst the waters now, In a land of plenty, and more. There…

That blue bird!

A bird sat on my shoulder that day. No, really! It had pristine blue feathers, A long mundane beak, And a crown on its head.