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What to say to someone who’s feeling down


A state of being

I don’t understand the likes that I get here, on this blog. I mean most are new people, on each post. Most of the times. Each post brings with it, its own set of people. And each time I wonder, did the people who like the post, actually like it, or I don’t know they somehow ended up here, and just liked it.

It matters to me, that you like the post, for its content, for what it meant to you. If not, if you somehow ended up here, thinking, this was going to be about something else, then, you don’t have to like stuff. I guess you don’t have to either ways. Okay, this has dragged on for too long now.

This was supposed to lead to a point, where I say this to you. It’s very uncommon for me, to have a single set of reader(s) liking multiple posts on the blog. It has happened in the past, but the occurrence is rare. For the couple of posts before the last one, I had a visitor like two posts in continuation, and so I was intrigued. I also happened to have the time necessary to satiate my intrigue. And so, I went to this visitor’s blog, to pay them a visit, to learn of their story. To fill in the blanks as to why they might have liked my posts.

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On emotions


Source: Wikipedia

This happened.

It was one of those days. I had called up almost all of my friends (it’d be helpful to know, here, that I maintain a fairly short list, a single digit is sufficient to count the number, in fact!) and was yearning to meet somebody, anybody. But I was not really able to. And that had started me down a downward spiral of self-loathing, and depression. Most of the times, I can do with little to no contact at all, but there are times, when I actively seek conversation, company. This, was one of those days.

The depression hit hard. It does, usually,

One thing led to the other, and I was contemplating the decisions I had made, decisions which had been made for me, and other things. In fact, I was worrying of things I had no control over! The way past had been. The way future was shaping out to be. And how, it was all so utterly out of my control! And in the middle of this terrible tornado, I had no one, no one to hold my hand, tell me it was fine, it was going to be quite all right, I was going to survive.

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