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Tag: goals

Some numbers

I had thought of exactly three different ways to start this post, before ditching them all to go with this one, which now that I look back at it, is kind of not so awesome.

In the last post, I talked of goals, about how they might have a possible negative effect on you, once you’ve gone past, or are just about to reach the said goal.

This, is me, talking about accomplishing one of the goals I had set for myself, and a sort of declaration for the goal I’ve set since.

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Does setting a goal really help you?


I run.

I love to.

The first time I tried to fall in love with it, was when I had just been diagnosed with type one. I had to. And that was, well, the reason for the failure I think. Though, I don’t think I’m the sort of person, who can be forced to fall in love with something.

Life continued, and then, for a couple of months I had to leave home, to stay in Hyderabad. Work. That, was when I fell in love with the running. It was liberating. It was my way of de-stressing. I formed my daily schedule around it, and I remember one day, breaking the schedule to go out, while it drizzled out, because I was under pressure. The run lifted me. And I just, fell in love with it. It required no effort. I mean of course, it required for me to get up at four, shit, get out, and actually run, but hey, I was in love!

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