Not for long!

I must admit something here. Must, yes, for if I consider my writing here something, an adjective if you may, it is honest. I don’t second guess anything I write. It is mostly a product of a single sitting, and when I get up, the post, the article, the essay, is complete. I consider this place, here, to be a sort of conversation I have with both myself, and the world at large. Now, the world is pretty large, and I get a mere fraction of it here, so mostly this place is about me, putting my ideas on paper.

Now then, to the admitting part of things. I actually have a couple of things to admit to.

  1. Before this, I was writing something titled, “Why the world needs to be a little more compassionate”, but a couple of paragraphs through it ended up becoming a little too preachy, and once I had written that down, about it being a little too preachy, I could not get myself to write anything more on the topic.
  2. I was, and still am confused between what to title this one. The two titles that I have, as of now, and you must, must believe me, when I tell you all I have is titles are, “Why happiness never lasts” and “Why happiness never seems to last

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