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Tag: happiness

Are you tired of everything?


Life’s hard.

It’s one of the greatest truths of life.

Life, is tiring.

That, sort of, derives from the first statement. I mean you are tired when you hike up a mountain, don’t you? You are tired, all the while you are climbing. You might decide to take rest a couple of times, or more, but the tiredness, it remains, all the while. Happiness, is when you get to the peak, and the cold gusts of air wash all over you. When you can look around, and down, and look at the progress you’ve managed to make.

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Why happiness never seems to last


Not for long!

I must admit something here. Must, yes, for if I consider my writing here something, an adjective if you may, it is honest. I don’t second guess anything I write. It is mostly a product of a single sitting, and when I get up, the post, the article, the essay, is complete. I consider this place, here, to be a sort of conversation I have with both myself, and the world at large. Now, the world is pretty large, and I get a mere fraction of it here, so mostly this place is about me, putting my ideas on paper.

Now then, to the admitting part of things. I actually have a couple of things to admit to.

  1. Before this, I was writing something titled, “Why the world needs to be a little more compassionate”, but a couple of paragraphs through it ended up becoming a little too preachy, and once I had written that down, about it being a little too preachy, I could not get myself to write anything more on the topic.
  2. I was, and still am confused between what to title this one. The two titles that I have, as of now, and you must, must believe me, when I tell you all I have is titles are, “Why happiness never lasts” and “Why happiness never seems to last

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What makes me happy?


Yupp, that’s me!

This was going to be a Hello World post, the second one in as many months, but Monday never happened. I started another blog a month back, and it was going pretty well, but then my first salary came.

A bit about the video too, I guess.

I started a new course on edx a while back, and while the course is still to begin, the people asked me, and the rest of the class, to compile a video: ‘What makes you happy?’

The topic is close to heart. I did a post on the topic a while back, and my views haven’t changed much. Smaller things still make me happy. Writing new stuff makes me happy, music makes me happy, working out, rains, a nice cup of tea. What else could you need?