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Tag: honesty

Letters to an imaginary girlfriend : Two


Hi love,

I know I can call you that now!

I’ve been home for a day now. We’ve been away for two days now, and that solitude I so dreaded, has finally engulfed us. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little, maybe, there’s too much of a flourish in how I’m writing this. But that is also how I feel.

I have lived the past month so many times in this one day, to have already gone through the troughs of happiness, and depression. And all through it, I still cannot believe that we are in fact doing this. Because let’s just be honest here, I am broken. I am not really.. I don’t know how to say this.. I’m not worthy of you. I don’t know why I say that. Maybe, it’s a lifetime of being this way.

That is not cheery. At all.

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On Honesty, Part-II


Okay, so I messed up this weekend.

See, it was my birthday, and a couple of other things, which left me with little to no time to write something. I know that I should have planned ahead, but that’s not me. And that is bad, evidently, as I have absolutely zero idea of what to write about. Of course there’s the list of the ideas, but there’s a reason why they are in a list, and not on paper.

There was this post I read today, about Adele; about how she’s making people buy her music, instead of streaming it. In it, the writer talks about her being honest about who she is. I think that goes for all of us artists out here.

And I consider myself to be one!

Honesty is important for us. Honesty of both sorts.

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On Honesty


It was easier this time around; thinking about the thing to write about this week. It happened naturally enough; you see I had just finished writing the eleventh chapter. And so, it was quite clear that I was going back to writing about writing.

Also, I’m using a lot of these ‘And so’s. Too many for my liking.

It was this Wednesday that I felt I had moved enough that the chapter could end here. I might eventually feel otherwise, but right now, it felt right; and so, I stopped. Two things happened as I put the proverbial pen down. First, I remembered how good it felt to finish something, maybe that’s why we have chapters, to satiate ourselves. Second, and more importantly, I realized how easy it was to write, when you were writing.

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