I’ve moved to a new place, nothing figurative, and or poetic about it. I have moved from Delhi to Hyderabad, and while I was in the train which took me from Delhi to Hyderabad, I realised this was the first time I was travelling alone. I am not proud to admit that. Travelling has been one of those things I haven’t been sure about. I mean it has never been at a higher position in the to-do list, say something getting a new laptop, or the playstation, or the Moto 360, or the next Nexus. I am fairly narrow-minded that way. Now, however, I have improved both travelling’s status, and standing in the list. Now, I’ve realised that all that kept me from travelling, mostly my diabetic status, was an excuse, a bad one at that, and fear. Because no matter how much I claimed I had experience living alone, I developed cold feet by the end of my time home. I was scared of moving out, leaving the comfort zone, letting go of all the little time management hacks.

I am not scared anymore. It’s been five days at the new place, and while I’m still struggling with time management, I know more or less my schedule for the next couple of months.

Leaving home was not just about leaving the place behind. No. It was also about letting a lot of stuff go: the Pokemon playing cards I had hoarded since sixth grade, that jeans I got on my birthday which I did not wear even once, okay, maybe once in the last four years. I still have a bit of stuff at home, locked away in my cupboard; waiting for me to come back, look at it, and reminisce about the olden days. Again, another thing I’m not too proud of.

Right now, I am in the figuring-stuff-out stage here. I am not sure if I’ll be able to manage the schedule. I will give it all I can, but as I said, still figuring stuff out here. And blogging, needs planning, some scheduling, and above all getting to the keyboard and typing stuff up.

Here’s me, in my room, again hoping.