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Tag: rains

Washed lands


Washed lands, moist soil…

There is on an average one poem that I write each day. That, gives me at least one thing to post each day here. Come to think of it, that’s a good way to manage post a day.

On that note, here’s one I wrote yesterday, as it rained outside, and I sat slaving the day away inside the building, the cubicles.

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Do you remember?

Do you remember the plains my love?
Do you remember the rains my love?

You are amongst the waters now,
In a land of plenty, and more.
There is water all around,
The weather’s nice and gay.
The Sun shines, but just enough,
To leave a tinge of red,
In an otherwise perfect blue of skies.
The air is not that cold, or hot,
The breeze lulls you to sleep.
The birds sing, and wake you from sleep,
There’s plenty to eat, and drink!

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