on tolerance

This Monday, as I was walking in my society-complex; I began thinking about the next blog post. See, after the last post, I had decided to keep this regular, except for when I was travelling, or some other ‘Hey-I’m-here!’ thing which would have me away from my laptop, and the internet for long. I had defined regular to be once a week, and so, as I walked, I thought. Keeping continuity in mind, I reasoned, this better be something on writing. But the more I thought, the more I kept going back to this one thing in my head.

This happened. A couple of weeks in the past, yes, but this did happen!

A friend of  mine had posted on Facebook, a quote from The Hindu, from one of their pieces from an author who had just returned his Sahitya Akademi Award, along with a couple of other writers. Since then, quite a few of the writers have returned their awards in protest. This, speaks of that time.

That time, when a man was murdered, and nobody cared that a man was murdered. All they cared about was the religion of the man who was killed, and some other things. It was, politics as usual.

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