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Tag: time

Everything withers away


Everything withers away. Everything.
I envied something yesterday,
Today, when I walked past it,
I saw the cracks appear in it,
Almost out of nowhere!
But then, I remembered,
Everything withers away. Everything.
It’s about time, all the time.
Time numbs things out, pain, pleasure,
Beauty, strength. Time numbs all.
Nothing survives. Nothing but time.
Time is the one true constant in this world.
Nothing stands in its way.
Everything withers away. Everything.

So then, why do we live…
Struggle, go through the motions?
Why? Why indeed? I don’t know.
Love, maybe. That’s what life is.
Isn’t it? Maybe I’m a romantic,
But, I’m a realist too. I see things dying.
People leaving. And somehow, the world
Continues to revolve. It’s love, then,
Isn’t it? Love makes the world go round!
Love mends the broken. The tired.
For I know time is the one true constant.
Nothing stands in its way.
Everything withers away. And so,
love exists. To mend the withering.
To maintain. To paint. To build.
Love exists, to bring balance to time.

Everything withers away. But love.

On the competitive aspect of things

This is bound to get a little confusing, and complex because this is part of life, how I view life, and no matter how much you try to compartmentalize it, box it, label it, life always finds a way, to destroy the boxes, the boundaries, and to flow.

We were taught, and raised in a certain fashion. We were supposed to be good at everything, excellence was coincidental. The law of averages, if you will.

One by-product of it all was the competitive nature ingrained into us. We compete with every member of our group, species, even when it is quite obvious that the conditions prevalent around all of us are hardly the same.

There is no time, hence, becomes a common complaint.

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