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Tag: universe

They killed some more men today


They killed some more men today,
At a place where men kneel,
To gods, looking down at men.
They killed some more men today,
With a gun, a bomb, and a knife,
There was a man, a woman, and a child.
They killed some more men today,
They said it was for the good cause,
Their cause. Their fight. Their war.
They killed some more men today.
They killed some more men today.

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What if life were a game?


Life’s a game!

I read a post today. It was about an AI created game-universe. Or something like that. It’s a nice post. Read it. The post ticked off a line of thought which I’ve tried to retrace. Hopefully, it’s going to sound a bit more lucid, out of my head.

I like playing games. Someday in the near future, I hope to get me a console. I am, of course, considering a PC too, but you know how these things go. I like playing games, but there is this thing that has been a fairly irritant part of most of the games I’ve played till date. They are played out in boxes. There is a limited amount of doors you can unlock, limited places you can go to, before, eventually, you face a wall you cannot cross. No matter how hard you press the buttons, no matter how many times you press them, there’s always a boundary you cannot cross, you’re always in a box.

The game is called “No man’s sky“, and the game contains within itself, an universe with no boundaries. You can go anywhere you want to, and there will be stuff there. Always. There would be no wall, anywhere. The tagline suggests it’s an infinite procedurally generated galaxy. I’m not here to discredit that.

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