I realized I’ll have to disconnect the blog and Facebook.

“X called me yesterday” she said, “he said that he really liked that last day of the year post you did. He also said some other stuff.”

As she said what she said, I realized I’ll have to disconnect the auto-update from the blog to Facebook. Something that I myself was wanting to do for the past few days.

I want to be anonymous. Actually, not really anonymous, I just don’t want the people I know, reading my stuff because its there on their timeline. I want them to be wanting to read what I write not just because it’s on their timeline. So yeah.

I had another blog, titled, ‘First time Novelist’ which was supposed to chronicle my journey through the first project I undertook. One important step was making sure it was not connected to any of the many accounts I owned. I did not want people I knew from outside the virtual world too, to look at it. I hadn’t expected them to find it, and look at it. I wanted nobody to know it was me writing what I wrote. I guess that was one of the reasons why it did not have an about page.

I wanted to blog anonymously because there was a certain freedom associated with that. The fact that I did not have to worry about what I wrote because my father, or folks at work, or from college would be looking at it later. I was free. That is something I find hard to come by when I am blogging. I still find it hard.

Nothing similar exists for the fiction I write though. There’s no room for that there. You can’t as a writer worry about your readers at that point I think. The work just doesn’t remain honest enough if you do that. And honesty is important.

There is something about giving a man a mask, and seeing him go! I guess its about that!

I was thinking about putting something about this on Facebook. Haven’t done that yet.

Even though I get why I need to what I did, the dual nature of this act does not escape me. I want readers. That’s there. And when I disconnect Facebook, I’m effectively alienating quite a few of my readers.

There was a time when things used to be simpler. Nostalgia, you bitch!

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