What is life?
-A journey.

What is life?

-A journey.

I understand the vastness of the topic, and the fact that too many great men, have lived, and died, whilst still working on a solution. I’m not even claiming, that this, in fact, is one.

Now that we have the disclaimer out of the way.

Yesterday night, or rather morning, whichever way you choose to look at it, I entered in a conversation with a person regarding decisions, or something else, not sure, it eventually led to the very basic question, the question at the beginning of the post: ‘What is life?’

There were two basic, definitions, which came out, this, is mine. The other one, quite entwined with my definition, was her choice. I have asked her to compose something, and share it with me. If it gets here, I will be posting it too. Till then, my view. Also, for those wondering, her answer was: ‘Life is the decisions you make’

I like travelling. Most of the times I have more fun during, and not after, or before for that matter. The journey has, and perhaps always will, matter more to me than the destination. I guess looking at that analogy, it becomes easier to imagine why the decisions don’t seem that important to me.

I don’t believe in having any regrets. That’s the other thing. And I sincerely do believe, that on my deathbed I would be more concerned with how I spent my time, rather than worrying about why I spent my time the way I did, or wondering how life would have been had I chosen A instead of B.

The choices we make, I believe, don’t even matter in the long run. And as far as choices are concerned, how many times have you really made a choice?

The time spent after the choice has been made, that is during the journey, is another reason I feel Life is a journey, instead of the choices. I mean around eighty percent (just because I’m feeling generous) of our lives are spent in the during part, so, logically it should matter more.

I had initially thought this would be a long one. That was one of the reasons I had stopped midway, I had thought I’d need a lot of time to condense, and present my thoughts. But as it turns out, I had more to say, when I was talking to a person.

P.S. Awaiting your response.

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