The whorish aspect of things

Should I create a Facebook page?

You need to feed the body!

-Many, many people, including yours truly

I was seeing this video yesterday, and in it, in a particular section, the comics, talk about corporate shows. The view varied, mostly, I mean some took it as a challenge, while the others weren’t too happy, but they all agreed it was something that was required. You had to whore yourself out, because that’s how you got the leeway to do your stuff.

I had a few blogs before this. Actually, just three, if you don’t count the blogger experiment that is. That does not even exist any more. So, three. The first one, called ‘Arcane Acumen‘, was the one I had spent most time on, even though, two or so years were spent with almost no update on it. Still, by virtue of it being there the longest, it still has the maximum number of posts. Apart from the blog, I had a Facebook page for it, still do, used to share content to twitter, even had accounts set up on some other services, services I did not use back then, or even now. Things like Stumbleupon. Nothing against the service. It just did not stick.

Then came ‘First time Novelist‘. It was from the very beginning supposed to be a three month deal. How optimistic of me! It was supposed to chronicle my way through my first novel. God! I’m so afraid of saying ‘novel’ out loud. Novel! Novel! Novel! Novel! There, I said it! Better now. Okay, so, yeah, I decided to go incognito for that, but because I did not want to create another WordPress account just for that purpose, it wasn’t entirely incognito. Sure, it did not have an about page, but you could see who was the author. I could not remove that, not in the free version at least. Naturally, I did not share content from this blog.

Finally, or at least currently, came this blog.  A few days into publishing things here, I disconnected the Facebook account, this one linked to my personal profile, disconnected the twitter, and facebook accounts, because well, I still planned on using twitter for sharing the content. And so on.

I don’t know why I did that. Actually, I do. But.

Well, okay. See, I did not want the facebook people to be the only ones here, and that too, because I was bombarding their feeds. Okay, not bombarding exactly, rather being subtle, and at times, not so subtle directions. Now, it seems weird.

Most of the things these days, stories, or otherwise, start with this idea, which is not a premise. Just this singularity. This, started with ‘the whorish aspect of things’. I wanted to have found the answer, by the time I reached the end. In case you’re still wondering, ‘Should I create a Facebook page?’

I struggle with these things. I haven’t, yet, published anything anywhere. And so, it sounds, or rather seems a little pretentious to have a page, pronouncing yourself as a writer. Because, I might argue, that everybody is a writer, but then, not everybody has a page created by them.

That aside, I feel, it is associated to the so-called ‘whorish’ aspect of things. I need to sell myself. I need to. I can’t expect people to, well, just find me. This is too big a damn place.

Okay, so it seems, I have an answer.

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