Nothing will change, apart from that increment in the year portion of the date. The rest will function usually.

I was looking at one of my lists, wondering what to write about. There were a couple of good alternatives there, and I had almost made up my mind when I realized today was the last day of the year. Believe me, nothing is going to change. I will be in the office again tomorrow, wondering what to write about, or how to write what I know to write. Nothing will change, apart from that increment in the year portion of the date. The rest will function usually.

Then why this?

In part, because its fun to look at the stuff you did in the past three hundred and sixty five days; its fun to look at the year gone by, its fun to be reminded about the good mostly. Also, the other stuff that I was supposed to write about, required me to write something other than this first. So.

Also, somebody had written about her year, as it was, and since I did find a mention there, I found myself wanting to do something similar. That want however was momentary believe me.

This year was massive, change-wise. I graduated, started working, left the job, joined another firm; but then, I have never really given that much credence to situations; people have always been of far more value. So I think it would be fitting if I did it in terms of people: lost and found.

There are people you know, all your lives, but not really know; and when you come to know them, you feel stupid. ‘How could I not see this?’ is the usual reaction. And you feel stupid, but depending on the nature of the revelation, you either feel awesome, or bad. It was by mere chance that we ended up on that trip together. But it wasn’t a mere fluke that I realized who she was. And I got someone who’d probably last for life. Thank you, Rashmi.

College ended soon after, and even though I had sensed the departure, I never really wanted for it to happen. I lost a person, I mean not lost as in dead, but rather lost as in, we stopped talking. Thank you, Saurabh for the moments we shared.

Then I met people, some sixty odd people. Some of them I wanted to know, some I detested, some I talked to, some I wanted to help, some I did help, some who were fun to be around, some inspiring, and some just plain crazy. It was overwhelming, and tiring to listen to so many voices. Okay, not tiring. I stand corrected. It was fun.

Thank you, Windows batch. Thank you, Mandar for the walks, Pandeyji for the talks, Nilesh for the bakchodi, Sahil for the iron, Rajeev for Shetty-anna, Rohit for nothing specific, and all of you fuckers for the songs! Sandeep man, it was nice knowing you.

OFIs were awesome because of you Purnima. So yeah. Prabhu, Devesh, Navin. Diwali! Thank you for that! The chants were good fun.
And you, woman. For being.

There are around twenty odd minutes left in this year, and I know soon, a new year would have begun, but it wouldn’t be the same without those who have been there. All along. Thank you. You know who you are.

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