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This happened yesterday. I received only one response to the post I had scheduled yesterday, and it was this. To quote:

You are duplicating now.

You keep writing the same thing, that you need to write.

And, I am tired of reading the same thing again and again.

Guess I was not the only one sick of the yo-yoing!

A couple of other things happened as well, though, they happened before this. Now since we are doing this in a descending order,

I went out, and ordered a bike. It got delivered today. Here’s a picture.


It was sometime during the training period that I had decided to get a bike. I had originally imagined that I would be placed in a place other than home, a place like Pune, or Bengaluru, which should have been more conducive to cycling. Here, in UP, and Delhi, road rage is not just something you write an essay about. It’s a thing.

I don’t know how to cycle. Somehow, I never could get it done. Something or the other always ended up in the way. Today, as I tried pedalling my way to glory, I had a couple of kids stopping by, and giving me tips on how to cycle. I was grateful! I was expecting sniggering from them, not, ‘the faster you go, the easier it is to balance!

I hope to be good enough to cycle up to India Gate within a week’s time. It shouldn’t be that hard, after all, I almost had it today.

The second thing which happened was this: a friend called up, with ideas about starting an online publication/site.

The only thing I had to say to him was be sure. Really, really, really sure. I have in the past walked away from a couple of such initiatives myself, and the one thing I’ve learnt is that you have to do it all by yourself. You can not expect strangers, friends alike, to step in and work for you, more so, if you are not paying them anything.

And, they are right to do so.

That, was my day. How about yours?