How do you realise that you have found the elusive, the one, your soulmate?

For those, who already have, how did you realise that you had found the one?

It would be fun swapping stories, sharing notes.

For me, it was the day before yesterday, when she finally finished the first draft, and having done so, tore through it. That was when I realised, yeah, life’s gonna be good. She’s the one. The one not afraid to critique, criticise. The one, who will read all of my first drafts!

Maybe, that was too selfish!

There is something wrong with the concept of soulmates. There is. It implies that once you’ve found one, you can sit back in the rocking chair, sipping club soda, and chill. Maybe, you want to drink mojitos. I won’t judge! Really!

The implication is incorrect. Finding  a soulmate just means that you got really lucky. It means that the work that you are to put in might be simpler. Though it is also quite possible that the both of you find it hard to see eye to eye on any damn thing. It can mean a whole lot of other things too. What it does not mean though, is you can afford to not care for the person, make them feel special.

Maybe they don’t need to know what they mean to you, you might be one of the silent types! But, still, your actions, well, they don’t really require any words do they?

That’s all folks!