For a long time, I held this belief that I could not write each day. I could not get myself to sit in front of a computer, and type. I mean, there was no time. Having a day job meant, not having the time one has by default otherwise. Having a day job meant that I had, in all, hardly an hour to write each day.

I still have that day job.

But, something else happened this past month. There was something else too, but I’ve already written about it, and it wasn’t as much of a force in this case, as the activity of this past month was.

All right then, moving on. Here’s what happened.

At the beginning of the month, I promised to both myself, and one other person, that every single day, I will write a poem, and send it to her. While I was making that promise, a part of me was sneering at me, saying, ‘Really? You will manage that!? You?’

But still, despite the obnoxiousness of that voice, I managed to make that promise.

And then, I managed to surprise myself.

Each day, between the time I got up, and reached office, I managed to write a poem. Each day, without fail. And each day, I thought tomorrow would be the day I break the chain. Because, really how could I write something everyday? And that too, a poem?

But tomorrow never came. The chain did not break, and I still continue to add a poem a day to the last month’s collection.

The point of this post, I think, is that it’s all in the head. I decided that I would, and so I did. The point, as well, is that I am making another promise here today. No matter the day, I would post something here. Some idea, short or long, would end up on the blog everyday.