I must state, above all else, that I do not expect anything out of this.


What is the point of this, then? 

I have more or less, by this point, exhausted all my options and so this is nothing more than ramblings of a man surrendered to his fate.

Now that we have that out of the way.  A little context.

Customer-Centricity : The Amazon Way

“The thing I have noticed is when the anecdotes and the data disagree, the anecdotes are usually right. There’s something wrong with the way you are measuring it,”

Jeff Bezos, explaining why he sends ‘?’ emails

It was after seeing this article, and a spate of other glowing anecdotes on Quora, I had shot off an email to the CEO of Amazon. The Amazon customer care had already failed me

I believe at this point further context is needed.

The Issue

On October 5th, I had ordered an item worth 3600 INR  from Amazon. Up until this point, I had made several such orders, and up until this point, I really had no other qualms with the service. The items on the site were often at great discounts, and with great variations. Ever since, Amazon had launched Prime in India, I had subscribed to it, and hence I had come to expect next day deliveries.

Then, on October 6th, I received this package. It was an Apple designed leather case for the iPhone 8 Plus. I wasn’t actually present to receive the package, and so when I reached home later, in my excitement, I did not make a video of me opening the package.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m not supposed to make videos, right? 

sajal on SOP regarding package receiving and opening from online marketplaces

Anyway, somebody in the fulfillment chain, was out to teach me a lesson. Why? He could have been an Android fan, not happy with someone spending that much on a phone cover. Guess, we’ll never know.

But. The why does not matter. I knew something was wrong, as soon as I saw the product red iPhone case. I was hoping I would replace the case, that this would be sorted amicably. But. There was nothing in the damn package.

And this is where the worries began. 


I had still hoped the vaunted Amazon customer service would sort it out for me.

They did not.

I had hoped escalation would work.

It did not.

I had hoped dropping a mail to the CEO would work.

It did not.

The response was fairly standard. The package was delivered in in-tact condition, so there could be no refunds. 

Which of course brings me to Mr. Bezos’s comment from earlier. When the data, and anecdote disagrees, why does no one side with the anecdote.


  1. My Prime subscription ends in November, I am not going to be renewing it. I can not delete Amazon, because I also happen to own a Kindle, but I can make sure I do not order stuff from the platform.
  2. Open your packages in front of the delivery guys. If you can’t, make sure you have video-graphic evidence. Nothing short of it works.
  3. Even as I say these things, this blog is hosted on AWS. I mean, Amazon is everywhere, what value does one teeny-tiny customer matter have.